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Arvin Parto Technical and Engineering Company
Established in 1993 Our activities are PM, CM services and building rotary equipment spare parts for Oil, Gas and petrochemical Industries.

Established in 1993 and its main activities are in Oil, Gas and petrochemical Industries, in the field of maintenance, Execution of major overhaul of process plants, inspection services, manufacturing and plant construction for Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Power plants and other heavy industries. Available statics are quite indicative of our full capability to implement large-scale industrial projects on Turn-Key basis. Some of our projects: Execution and construction of oil, gas and petrochemical plants, Supplying of equipment, spare parts and projects materials and goods (such as inspection robots, Leak detector systems, building crude storage tanks and PM services for them, oil, gas and water pipeline leakage detection systems and solutions, piping components, fittings, flanges, heats exchangers tubes, etc.) and Manufacturing and supplying of process pumps (according to API 610 standards) rotating equipment spare parts and spare parts for fixed equipment and all parts are guaranteed for proper services and Operating of process plants.
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Company Profile

• Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals plants constraction
• Technical Inspection & Supervision
• Supplying of equipment
• Supplying of Spare Part
• Engineering Service
• Automation
• Consulting
• Process pump parts
• Rotating equipment parts
• Fixed equipment parts
• Piping components parts
• Fittings
• Flanges
• Heats exchangers tubes
mission and vision
mission and vision
Arvin Parto Co. vision is to ensure a significantly higher quality performance than any of its competitors in the oil and gas industries. The power of collaborating is what we offer at Arvin Parto Co.


Awards, Acknowledgements & Certification
pursued quality

Attend in final stage of 3rd intentional festival of green economy selected; feb.2006 for it has pursued quality, management and production standards.

quality and fast service

Acknowledgment from Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company for quality and fast service.

Best producer

Best producer, 2003 Iran


Acknowledgment from S.I.P.I.E.M

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Arvin Parto Technical and Engineering Company